About the b2b solution

B2B: for whom?

Fantasy Sports Concept is one of the most trending directions in online business that is coming to Europe.

USA and Canada have been long involved into it, users spend there billions of dollars. Don't you think it is a big piece of pie?

Bringing something new to market always meets difficulties in marketing and promotion, when business makes significant investments in player acquisition and retention.

A lot of time can pass, until users become familiar with new opportunities to play and win in fantasy betting.

Right now Fantasy Sports is getting more adherents in Europe, and more and more people get familiar with this betting concept.

And if you have a solid user base of online gamers or sports addicts, Fantasy Sports Contests is something you can easily offer them and save time on promotion. Our technical solution fits best for those, who already run online business with a solid user base or community, for instance:

  • betting portals
  • sports portals and social community systems related to sports
  • online casinos and gambling systems
  • social games and tools

What to integrate?

We offer integration of Fantasy Sports systems into existent Partner's platform, while providing opportunities to run White label, branded system for existent user base.

We integrate Fantasy Sports contesting functionality with user database, payment processing, marketing tools and provide flexible abilities on fitting the gaming rules of the Partner's system.

So as a result your system gets a new module - Fantasy Sports - where your users (and new users as well) can compete with each other in Fantasy Sports contests.

Additionally, you can launch a native fantasy sports mobile application in common style with your brand.

What is included?

Our Fantasy Sports platform includes the following features in basic package:

  • datafeed integration (collecting real sports actions and processing them)
  • fantasy points management in the backend and calculation of fantasy scoring
  • single or multi-sports contests with full management abilities
  • transactions' history module
  • user's account tool (standalone or integrated with your platform)
  • customization of the existent layout to fit your brand or creating absolutely new style

How to integrate?

EP Fantasy Team team provides White label solution that you run under your brand and control by yourselves (or with our assistance).

It is up to the owner how to run the business and how it should be integrated.

Possible options are:

  • Running Fantasy Sports system as standalone application - hosted in different places and without communicating to your existent system. It can be styled with your branding or in a different way. You can add your current user base to the new system and promote it like one-time invite or keep it clear for new users only
  • Running Fantasy Sports system as standalone application hosted elsewhere, but with established data communication between your system and the new one. Data exchange can include users (users registered in one system automatically get account in the other one), payments (payments made in Fantasy system are automatically reflected in your system, balance account from the master system is used in Fantasy Sports system), access rules and gaming restrictions (Fantasy Sports system will keep same permissions for user's activity as in the master system) and others
  • Running Fantasy Sports system as a module in your existent system with similar integration and data exchange approach

How it works after that?

It's simple. Your users can play Fantasy Sports. It generates new user experience from fantasy sports game play for sports addicted players

What's the profit?

They will spend more money. They will invite friends to compete with them. You business gains Explicit Profit.