#1 Our API

Our solution comes with API layer that will be adjusted to your data set. Without sharing databases and even storing systems in different locations, API is the most efficient way of integration between systems.

When we agree on the way of integration and amount of data to be exchanged, we will provide a well documented API and access where your team can organize infrastructure and connect systems with each other.

#2 Your API

It is very common now that online platforms already have API’s for various integration purposes, and most likely you have the API that covers 90% of the data to be integrated with Fantasy Sports system. Our team will use your API to create integration between Fantasy Sports system and your master system.

#3 Limited Database access

t doesn't matter what database you use, we can connect to it and perform operations related to Fantasy Sports (getting users’ accounts, operations with their balances, reading their permissions, etc.) and only for the data related to Fantasy system - your secured data stays private and not accessible for us.

All operations are saved and guaranteed. Database of Fantasy Sports system will not get in conflict with your data.

If you are anxious about providing us access to Database, we are open to do it vice versa. We can grant access to the Fantasy Sports database, so you can implement a certain set of operations on your system to share data. But in this case you’ll need to perform some work on your end.

Nothing personal, just profit!
Explicit Profit!

As a result, with proper integration your users will be able to come to Fantasy Sports system and play there without any need to start an account. The funds they use in your system will be available for using in Fantasy Sports system, their prizes will be automatically reflected on their account balance and transactions they perform can be automatically reflected in your management panel.