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Our Fantasy Sports Module

Explicit Profit for your Online Business

What we do?

We create fantasy sports applications with
Elastic Integration into your online business

For whom?

  • Sports portals
  • Betting Companies
  • Online casinos
  • Gaming and gambling platforms
  • Social Networks of Sports Fans

What's in there?

  • Daily Fantasy Sports contests
  • Matchup betting with live stats
  • Best 3”, “Best 5”... concept
  • Season-Long fantasy contests
  • Custom contests and gameplay
  • Any kind of sports, any kind of integration

How to win?

  • Creating standalone platform
    (running separately or as a module)
  • Setting up Fantasy Sports logic
  • Elastic Integration with your user database
    (allowing existent users to play Fantasy Sports)
    • Your API or Our API
    • Common Database access

What about Integrated Payments?

  • Your payment processing for Fantasy Sports contests (without access from our system)
  • Custom payment processing using separate gateway
  • Real money or Virtual Currency
  • Including Bonuses, Promo Codes etc....

How about design?

  • You can create Custom Design by yourselves and we integrate
  • We can adapt our layout to your Brand
  • We can Create Unique Brand and Design for your system
  • ... no limits, no harm!

Think about
mobile APP?

Ability to launch and run native Fantasy Sports mobile application in common style with your brand

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